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    About Us

    About Us

    Shanghai Yingyou Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. (PST) has the world's leading technology in cleaning and surface treatment of optoelectronic and semiconductor equipment components. Senior technicians have long-term cooperation experience with Beijing Oriental Group (BOE), Tianma Group and many manufacturers. Advanced management concepts, excellent quality assurance, fast service system and sincere cooperation attitude have laid a solid foundation for our market in China.

    Technology Source and Management: Technology mainly comes from independent research and development and technical support from the United States. The chairman of the company, Dr. Chen Ning (Chinese-American), has 20 years of experience in cleaning and management.


    After-sales service: We strive to provide the fastest feedback to customers and to meet their production needs. In FAB of some customers, we have arranged special personnel for PM service.


    Maintenance and Processing: We have our own machining plant, and ceramic and quartz processing partners, OEM processing experience and resources to meet various processing needs. At present, we have carried out some maintenance and processing of components (currently, we have helped CEC, TM, BOE and other customers to carry out component transformation and processing).



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